Thursday, November 18, 2010

Redline Project Turns 400

First the great news: over 400 people have downloaded 'Thursday,' the album I produced this year and am giving away online. That means over 400 people are checking into my music -- 400 more listeners than I had a month ago.

Now the bad news: If stalling load numbers are any indication, I have possibly exhausted my social networks. If I am going to continue to publicize the availability of this free download, I have to think outside the Facebook and Twitter boxes.

My first goal will be to contact the local papers and publications, hoping that charitable souls will like the project and furnish it with a bit of press. If my readers have publication brainstorms, I would be delighted to know.


  1. This seems to be the last post that I can find. But I would like to hear more about how the project is going, and even if it takes longer than the projected year to get to 10,000 downloads, I'd be curious to hear about how much longer and through what channels the goal is achieved...I don't think you should stop at the end of the year even though (as I understand it) the original goal was to see if you could do it in a year.

  2. Well, Josh... probably the big thing is that you did make it in a year on budget. I must say, your experiments were really interesting and if you kept them up, you might continue to garner a following out of that. Other than that, a page on FB might get you farther than a group.

    Last thought: there are people who run music schools and are really interested in stuff like this, like Jason Carey with the Kennebec Conservatory back where I'm from. That's Maine, so he might not go pushing something from Georgia, but it's worth looking into something like that.